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Meter Reading

Residential meters are read quarterly and bills are sent the first of the month. Meters are read the middle of the month prior to the bill being sent. If you do not receive a bill by the fifth of the month, call the office and a duplicate bill will be mailed.
Our meter reading system reads in gallons and bills will be for even increments of 1000. The actual meter in your house reads down to the gallon and you can monitor your usage by reading the meter inside your home. Meters are usually located in basements but can be in utility rooms when there is no basement. Meters should be in heated areas to prevent freezing.
The meter reader does not have to get in the house unless there is a problem with the remote reader. The Authority is upgrading its system from touch reads, a small rectangular black box attached to the house, to a radio read system. Radio read devices are either attached on the exterior of the house or near the meter inside the home. With radio read installations, the meter reader is able to activate the device and read the meter from the street.