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The Authority strives to maintain a system that records water usage accurately and has an active water meter change out program. Manufacturer guidelines recommend that meters be replaced after 15-20 years or if 1,000,000 gallons of water have gone through the meter.

Office personnel contact customers as the meters approach the end of the guidelines. Meter change outs are done during regular business hours and take less than an hour to complete. The resident does have to be home to allow the service person access to the meter in the basement or utility room. There is no charge to the customer for the meter change out and radio read installation. Radio read devices are being installed throughout the system to speed the meter reading process. The meter reader will not have to come onto the property but will be able to get the reading from the street after the radio read device is installed.
All new construction installations include the radio read device. Existing homes are scheduled for meter changes along meter reading routes. Please help us to complete this project by cooperating with scheduling when contacted. Authority personnel arrive promptly at the scheduled time and will complete the change out as quickly as possible. If the service person is going to be more that a half hour late, we will call and let you know.