Emergency Notification System

Richland Township Municipal Authority (Richland Water) has contracted with SwiftReach Networks, Inc. to provide an Emergency Notification System that will inform customers in the event of an emergency water problem, classified as a Tier 1 emergency by Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The law requires the Authority to notify all customers within 24 hours of such an emergency and the Swift911™ system will make the calls to affected customers.

The Swift911™ system is able to call thousands of numbers in a short time and will allow Authority personnel to concentrate on resolving the water emergency rather than delivering notices to individual homes and businesses. We provided SwiftReach Networks, Inc. with the telephone number that we have on file for you, but it is important to have the most current contact information in the system. Please use the form below to update your information. We consider the information confidential and we will not share it with anyone.

All calls sent to customers will have the caller ID “Richland Water”.

Please call the office at 724-443-9100 to provide your contact information if you do not wish to complete the form below.