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Water Saving Tip

Water Saving Tip


Install a low-flow shower head, which restricts the water ouput to no more than 2.5 gallons per minute. The shower heads are inexpensive and screw into existing fittings.  If you live in an older home and haven't renovated your bathroom, the shower head may be using as much as 5.5 gallons per minute.  To determine how much water runs through your shower head, put a bucket under the nozzle and time how many seconds the water takes to get to the one gallon mark. If it's less than 20 seconds, you may want to investigate the low flow shower head options available.


Aerators screw into the faucet threading and cut the water flow from 3 to 4 gallons per minute (the rate on older fixtures) to as little as a half-gallon. You can figure the flow at the faucet by putting a quart container under the faucet and if the container fills in less than 5 seconds, you could save money by using aerators.


When brushing your teeth, turn the water off and save up to 2 gallons of water in two minutes of brushing.

With chores that require running water, let the water trickle rather than stream and save up to 1 gallon per minute.