To serve and to protect the public health, welfare, and safety by providing a safe, reliable and sufficient supply of water to all the consumers served by our water distribution system.

The Richland Township Municipal Authority of Allegheny County (RTMAAC) was chartered in 1954. The first distribution mains were installed in the Orchard Park area in 1956. Hampton Township Water Authority did the billing and maintenance until 1986 when the Authority Board decided to hire employees and become an operating Authority. Water lines have been extended to most areas of the Township over the years and the number of customers has grown steadily as the Township population has expanded. There are still streets that are not served by public water. Developers pay for extensions to serve new subdivisions and the Authority maintains a program to replace deteriorating lines before problems surface. Except for emergency interconnections, all water is purchased from West View Water Authority.

Recent News

Service Line Insurance

Protect your home and wallet for covered repairs with a low cost waterline repair plan.

Capital Improvement Surcharge

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2022, the Authority instituted a “Capital Improvement Surcharge” in order to fund its Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan. The capital requirements contained in the budget are based on estimates.

Backflow Information

All backflow test submissions should be made through the VEPO CrossConnex portal. Paper submission forms will no longer be accepted.

West View Announces Chloramine Feed

West View Water Authority has advised they will be suspending the Chloramine season for 2023. For more information, please visit their website at https://westviewwater.org/wvwa-use-of-chloramines/

Information About Water Breaks

Because recent water line breaks have, in some instances, caused significant damage to private property, the Authority wants to provide this summary of the legal consequences of such breaks.

Water News and Info You Can Use

We are committed to providing you with information you can use to conserve water, reduce your consumption that will ultimately reduce your bill.

  • Low Flow Fixtures

    Low Flow Fixtures

    Install a low-flow shower head, which restricts the water ouput to no more than 2.5 gallons per minute. The shower heads are inexpensive and screw into existing fittings.

  • Retrofit Faucets

    Retrofit Faucets

    Aerators screw into the faucet threading and cut the water flow from 3 to 4 gallons per minute (the rate on older fixtures) to as little as a half-gallon.

  • Running Faucets

    Running Faucets

    When brushing your teeth, turn the water off and save up to 2 gallons of water in two minutes of brushing.

2022 Water Quality Report

The Authority updates its Water Quality Report annually.  You can download the report below, or request a copy by calling the Authority office.