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Service Start & Stop Procedure

When moving into the area, please contact the Authority office a week prior to the closing date. The Authority requires no deposit from owners but will need to verify billing information and have a current telephone number on file.
To discontinue service, please call the Authority office at least 48 hours in advance with your final billing address. In most cases, the final reading can be taken from the outside of the home. It is a seller responsibility to have a dual check backflow preventer in place prior to the closing. Authority personnel will have to physically verify the backflow preventer is in place unless office records indicate it has been confirmed previously.
For tenants moving into the Township there is an Application for Service that must be completed prior to taking occupancy. There is a $50.00 deposit for residential customers that must accompany the application. Commercial customers should call the office to find out the deposit amount required. The deposit is applied to the final bill when moving. The Application for Water Service for tenants is under Forms and Publications.